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Nick LaMantia

Nick served as the owner and lead tutor at Superior Test Prep for the last 13 years. He scored a 1510 SAT and a 33 ACT in high school; currently he scores a perfect 1600 SAT and 36 ACT while finishing the tests in half the allotted time. He analyzes every new test form upon its release, staying up to date on test trends and fine-tuning strategy accordingly. 

Nick enjoys challenging each student, finding the strategies and techniques that work best for that individual's skill set and learning style. He looks to build confidence, motivation, and a strong understanding of the material. 

In his free time, Nick can be found at a White Sox game, a blues concert, or backpacking around the world. 


Additional Bio:

College: UW - Madison, graduated with honors

Experience: Well over 10,000 1 to 1 tutoring hours. Worked with students ranging from 10 to 60 years old, including special needs students and perfect scorers. 

Specialties: ACT / SAT; Math - through Calc BC; Business - college-level accounting and econ; English - college essays ("my favorite!") and AP classes; the GRE Test; General studies /  planning and organizing

Fun Fact: Once won six consecutive puzzles on Wheel of Fortune, prompting Pat Sajak to say "We'll be right back to the Nick LaMantia show". 

Nick also does in-person tutoring in the Lakeview / Lincoln Park area of Chicago. Please call for details. 


"Nick's individualized approach made all the difference in preparing my child for the ACT, who raised her score 5 points with one perfect score. His style not only challenged and motivated her, but he was a calming influence during the stress of the on/off Covid testing schedules. Highly recommended!"

"Nick has worked with our son on ACT prep, math, and his college accounting class. Michael says he's the best teacher he's ever had.  He always is much more confident about school after their meetings."

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Pete Pecoraro

Pete has extensive experience working as both a high school teacher and an ACT / SAT tutor. He graduated as valedictorian at his high school and then attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he was honored with the Bronze Tablet Award and a bachelor's degree in teaching.


As a teacher, Pete's approach is relaxed and laid back with a healthy emphasis on humor and developing student confidence through practice and a patient problem solving style. His heroes include Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci, and John Lennon, to name just a few.

When not teaching, Pete is a music fiend who is always looking to add new records (yes, vinyl albums!) and discs to his collection. 

Additional Bio:

College: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Experience: Over 5000 1 to 1 hours and many years in the classroom. Worked with a wide variety of students.

Specialties: ACT / SAT; Math - through Pre-calc; History - all subjects, including AP; English - college essays and AP classes; General studies / planning and organizing

Fun Fact:  Referred to as the "Mighty Pete archives," his rare and invaluable collection of Beatles memorabilia is cited by authors in several well-known Beatles biographies. 

Quote: "I truly believe teaching is a performance. You have to want to do it and bring the energy each and every time you work with a student."


"Pete targeted Bridgit's weak areas and hit those hard! He also covered material in her stronger areas to round out the experience. Most importantly, he boosted her confidence level. Bridgit gained 5 points on the ACT. Very pleased!"

"Your help was immense and definitely invaluable. He met his goal of a 34 on the ACT."

"I wanted to thank you again for your support of Jonah through his ACT prep so far. He feels confident and is more enthusiastic about taking a test than I’d ever imagined he would be."

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