Superior Test Prep specializes in the ACT and SAT, and our students see results.




Our ACT preparation system was designed by owner / manager Nick LaMantia, author of The ACT Test: Power Preparation. The book has been used by schools, tutoring centers, and students nationwide.  


Our unique methods help students gain 3 - 8 points on their ACT composite score in half the time of other tutoring services. At Superior Test Prep, students are matched with one tutor who designs a personalized instruction program and monitors progress throughout. In just a few sessions, students will see higher scores and improved confidence.


We customize all ACT prep programs and never require long-term commitments. Students receive instruction that constantly evolves due to test trends, and we only use real ACT exams from the last three years as practice tests. 



We had an excellent experience with Superior Test. My son scored a 1310 on his SAT in April, and after tutoring for an hour a week throughout the summer, his score rose 210 points. We're now applying to top tier universities and looking for scholarship dollars from state schools. 


--Former Superior Test Prep Mom



We tried a chain tutoring service over the summer and were frustrated with the cost, always rotating tutors, and the general lack of transparency. Superior Test Prep was the opposite. My daughter loved working with Frieda, and her score rose from a 26 to a 31. We still use Frieda as an AP Lit tutor. Thanks to Nick and Frieda for providing a winning service. 


-Former Superior Test Prep Dad





We've enjoyed success tutoring the SAT and other College Board tests since 2009. Our professional  tutors are deeply immersed in the material, and they'll help your student become comfortable and confident with the entire SAT exam. Our customized programs aim to constantly engage and challenge students, and our clients regularly see gains of 100 to 250 points. 


Look out for a new SAT edition of Power Preparation from Superior Test Prep being released in 2021!





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